October 5, 2019

Goodbye Ghost

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Goodbye Ghost

Its time to say goodbye to the software I’ve used for long time to blog here. Ghost was a perfect piece of software when I started (again).

I’ve learned a lot during that time, e.g. Markdown, configuring NGINX to serve data from Ghost. And how to get nodejs running on my server (which is not that easy as it sounds. more later…)


The problems I’ve had:

  • It relies on nodejs - especially at the beginning, there had been some restrictions with the versions. Therefore it was necessary to find a version that is supported with the OS I use and which works with Ghost.
  • That made updates of FreeBSD not that easy, as nodejs need some more specific attention (e.g. add some changes to the node4 Makefile to be able to run sudo portmaster -m DISABLE_VULNERABILITIES=yes www/node4)
  • I’ve created my own startup script for ghost. Meanwhile there are many and better versions available. Just search for ghost_start() and you will find plenty of them.
  • I had massive problems to get Ghost updated to newer version. In more detail, I wasn’t able to export the blog settings and data. It was always a hassle to do that by hand.
  • Therefore I was not able to update it regularly.
  • All of that lead to a bad gut feeling (security)

I still believe that Ghost is a wonderful platform for blogging. Especially the hosted version.

Move to /blog_old

You will find ghost still running for some time at pixelchrome / blog_old.

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