High Load on macOS Server

I had a really high load on my Mac Mini Server. As it is a Late 2014 with only two CPU-Cores, everything hurts which makes the Server slow.

Two processes consumed a lot of Memory and CPU-Time.

apspd & cfprefsd  

With fs_usage I've found out that cfprefsd reads and writes all the time to/Library/Preferences/ApplePushServiceProvider/com.apple.apspd.plist. And this file was more the 53 MByte! So it looked likeapspd` is the reason for the issue.

A cat /Library/Preferences/ApplePushServiceProvider/com.apple.apspd.plist | strings | wc -l showed a line count of more than 500k lines.

Something like this was the content of a line
cfprefsd reads and writes all the time to

The plist file it self was OK
. And this file was more the 53 MByte! So it looked like

The Manual Page just explained that APSPD is the ApplePushServiceProvider helper process. I haven't found much more information about it which explains it in more detail.

cat /Library/Preferences/ApplePushServiceProvider/com.apple.apspd.plist | strings | wc -l

To reduce the Load on my server, I did the following

  2. Disable Push-Notifications in the Server-App <SERVERNAME> -> Settings -> Notifications
  3. Stop the Device-Manager # serveradmin stop devicemgr
  4. Remove the Push-Notifications for the Alerts Alerts -> Delivery -> Push Notifications -> Edit Notification -> remove all recipients
  5. Force Quit apspd(via Activity Monitor)
  6. Move (remove) the plist file # sudo mv /Library/Preferences/ApplePushServiceProvider/com.apple.apspd.plist* /tmp
  7. Start the Device-Manager # serveradmin start devicemgr

In my case, the plist file had now a size of around 600 Bytes! CPU went down from 100% to 6%. After that I've enabled the Push Notifications and the Alerts.

See here a screenshot

The rise of the load at 2:00 can be ignored. That was a different issue ;-)

P.S.: After I've written this here, I've found a discussion thread with nearly the same outcome...