January 16, 2020

macOS and the X Window System with XQuartz

macOS and the X Window System If you want to use the X Window System on macOS, you need XQuartz. Install XQuartz brew cask install xquartz After a Reboot you will get the $DISPLAY set correctly. If you want to set it without a reboot see Start XQuartz temprorary Test with xeyes /opt/X11/bin/xeyes SSH X11Forwarding You can now use ssh -X or ssh -Y Uninstall brew cask uninstall xquartz Start XQuartz temprorary This is only necessary if you want to start XQuartz without a reboot. Read more

October 10, 2018

Using letsencrypt with macOS Server

Even with all the restrictions of today some people need to run macOS Server (mojave 5.7.1). With the availability of letsencrypt it is possible to use this server with a proper signed certificate instead of a self-signed certficate. I am using cloudflare-dns. With some changes you can use this also for other methods. This is a tutorial and scripts to install letsencrypt, get a certificate an renew it. Use it on your own risk! Read more

July 9, 2018

Docker on macOS - Fatal Error

Fatal Error My Docker on macOS doesn’t start anymore. It shows the following At the very last line, you can see the following Error Message: no space left on device Disk full? Of course there is enough space on my local drive available, but the Docker disk image see FAQ is full. The disk image is located here ~/Library/Containers/com.docker.docker/Data/com.docker.driver.amd64-linux/Docker.qcow2 With the qcow-tool you can check it: $ /Applications/Docker.app/Contents/MacOS/qcow-tool info Docker.qcow2 ((version Three) (backing_file_offset 0) (backing_file_size 0) (cluster_bits 16) (size 68719476736) (crypt_method None) (l1_size 128) (l1_table_offset ((bytes 131072) (is_mutable false) (is_compressed false))) (refcount_table_offset ((bytes 65536) (is_mutable false) (is_compressed false))) (refcount_table_clusters 1) (nb_snapshots 0) (snapshots_offset 0) (additional (((dirty true) (corrupt false) (lazy_refcounts true) (autoclear_features 0) (refcount_order 4)))) (extensions ((Feature_name_table (((ty Incompatible) (bit 0) (feature Dirty)) ((ty Incompatible) (bit 1) (feature Corrupt)) ((ty Compatible) (bit 0) (feature Lazy_refcounts))))))) Okay, looks good so far! Read more

September 29, 2017

macOS Time Machine Backups and SMB

Time Machine doesn’t work on Network Shares after the upgrade After I’ve updated my Mac Pro to macOS High Sierra, Time Machine Backups stopped working. Shared with SMB? The backups are on a Mac Mini and I’ve found out that it is necessary to share the folder via SMB. But that checkmark has already been set. Therefore I’ve tried to reconnect the Mac Pro to the Backup destination. OSStatus Error 17 And I’ve received Error ‘OSStatus Error 17’. Read more

May 10, 2017

High Load on macOS Server

I had a really high load on my Mac Mini Server. As it is a Late 2014 with only two CPU-Cores, everything hurts which makes the Server slow. Two processes consumed a lot of Memory and CPU-Time. apspd & cfprefsd With fs_usage I’ve found out that cfprefsd reads and writes all the time to /Library/Preferences/ApplePushServiceProvider/com.apple.apspd.plist. And this file was more the 53 MByte! So it looked like apspd` is the reason for the issue. Read more

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